Nasheed album

Menerima Takdir-Mu

This song is my recent single (though not the last – I just want to make song which is separated from my album project), created in Ramadhan 2010. “Menerima Takdir-Mu” is my first nasyid or Islamic religious song, sang in Indonesian language. This song is also my first experience in recording and mixing (in my own simple room). Hence, sorry for the unbalanced sound since I am still learning this sound-engineering stuff and I do not have a good audio-recording device (T_T). But, I hope you can still feel the ‘message’ in this song.. yep, we, human must learn to accept, never give up and always pray..


Another nasyid track from Vanya 2V is ‘Pintu Hikmah’, with R-nB beat, can be downloaded in this link: