Album 3: Tripl3

Tripl3 (2009) is my third album, which was created before I went to Europe. This is my first time I composed all my songs using software and recorded my vocal in the ‘real’ studio (because at that time I had been working for several months so I could collect money to accomplish this mission, hehe..). At least, the sound quality now is better than the previous album. Same with the previous album, you may find various genres here and also some songs from Prince Straat (thanks for the songs and also for the mixing – because I did not have enough songs for an album but I really wanted to launch my 3rd album at that time).

  • Valse du Chateau

“Valse du Chateau” is currently my favorite song in this album. This first single is a combination of French music (accordion), classical-European style (piano and waltz orchestra), and soprano vocal. Valse du Chateau in French, means Waltz of Castle. Castle here is your HEART… If you hear the lyric, it tells about the walts (the dancing) inside your peaceful heart and how to make it always in a ‘good’ condition. This song was truly inspired after I finished my “Heart-Focus” Katahati Institute training with Erbe Sentanu (thank you…. ^_^).


  • Accept, for a Meaningful Life

“Accept” is a song inspired by a book “Tuesday with Morie”, the lyric also reflects the main message of this book, to “Accept, for a Meaningful Life”. You will experienced an up-and-down melodies, the Arabic sound (not available in the cut-version in this link: ), also the melodies which bring you to an Alpha-wave state of your brain. Hopefully, it can make you more relax and..sleepy… 😀