Album 2: 2 Separated Souls

2 Separated Souls (2005) is my second album. You may listen to various genres in this album, from pop, classic, country, hip-hop to electric.

  • 2 Separated Souls

It is a gothic-classic-baroque song, which expresses my thought about me, music and the world. Up-to-now, the lyric of this song and its unique chord transition is still my favorite from all of my songs. Unfortunately, I still made this song using my old keyboard (not using computer software) so the sound quality is still low (oh, I hope I have time to re-arrange, re-take and re-mix this song!).


  • Just-EL

Just-EL is an official jingle I made for EEE (Electrical Engineering Event) in 2006. It was an orchestral-electronic song which can boost your spirit and make you happy.. ajeb-ajeb.. 😀 . This song was performed live in that event by ITB Orchestra and me on keyboard.