Album 1: Vanya’s Biz

Vanya’s Biz is my 1st album (published in 2003). It is a collection of my songs, most of the songs I created during my elementary and junior high school. I manually recorded the tracks myself using an old magnetic-tape-recorder (my grandfather’s heritage) and a keyboard (without using any computer/software yet). So you can imagine how childish and how bad the quality of the sounds is.


  • Magnified Problem

A single in this first album is “Magnified Problem” which was created in 2002. Actually, this hip-hop song was intended for my musical lesson practical exam in junior-high school final exam (it reminds me when I played my old keyboard with the programmed-music in the diskette and sang this song, hmm.. old memory). If you wanna hear this pre-teenager’s song, check this link:

Van-YUI –> my cover versions of Japaness singer ‘YUI”

  • Happy Line

YUI-cover: an acoustic version of Happy Line, guitar and vocal by me. It was recorded during a semester break in 2005. In this song I tried to sing as innocent as her, but I think I could not make it  T_T


  • Goodbye Days

Another YUI cover by me! Yeah, because I am a big fans of YUI, hehe… Thank you for Prince Straat who made the music arrangement and Astri who made her ‘kost’ room suddenly became a place for this vocal tracking (in one lovely bright Sunday afternoon in Bandung, 2006..  ^_^).  In this song I realized that my voice is not as cute as YUI, hoo…