TecH @ TeaM Series


TecH@TeaM “Space Camp” is the first book of TecH@TeaM series (138 pages). It was published in 2000, when I was still in junior-high school (so you can imagine how childish it is). Cover and book illustration were also drawn by me (using manual drawing: p) .

This book is about five teenagers: Mandy, Drand, Jamie, Ashley and Andrew, who live in Denver, US and accidentally met each other by telepathy. Later, they found that Andrew has a huge hidden laboratory with full of ‘cool’ high-tech devices and crazy scientific experiments. A big project was proposed by Andrew’s dad who worked in NASA and invited them to join the summer “Space Camp” there. This program brought them to an incredible and extraordinary adventure in the outer-space.

Read their full tech-astronomical journey with the shuttle space, NASA program and space-station, also their brilliant school-life in this book –>

Tech@Team #1

Tech@Team #1



TecH@TeaM “Adventure of the Nature’s Heart” is the second book of TecH@TeaM series (168 pages). It was published in 2001 (my 2nd year in junior-high school :D).

In this book, Mandy, Drand, Ashley, Jamie and Andrew meet other friends and people with various conflicts and uncommon behaviors. In between their complicated school life, they made a great-escape to Borneo rain-forest for a WWF program. Again, Andrew surprised them with his cool techno-gadgets in their journey. There, they experienced the beauty of nature and also trapped in an exciting adventure.

Read their full tech-nature journey with the orang utan, coral-reef, and also their dramatic school-life in this book.

Contact me if you are interested to publish or just read it 🙂

Tech@Team #2

Tech@Team #2


#3 TecH@TeaM “Special”

Tech @ Team Special


TecH@TeaM “Special” is not the third book of TecH@TeaM series (104 pages), but it is a special edition book. . It was published in 2004 (before I enter the campus life :D).

Still, it is about Mandy, Drand, Ashle, Jamie and Andrew’s adventure with technology. But, it contains a special sections, such as their biography, letters (their handwritings), Best Field map, castings (actors and actresses who are suitable to role in TecH@TeaM film – ha, just a girly dream.. :p) and their special pictures. Because this book is special, so the story is also special, it is not a long story for a whole book, but short-stories from each of the TecH@TeaM personnel in their personal view and story.

Read their special and love-life in this book.

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